English Text that Works – Professional English text solutions

  • You’ve been asked to give a speech in English. Public speaking’s no problem for you, but writing the speech is another matter.
  • Your team has put together a funding bid, but the styles are inconsistent and the text is far too long. You really don’t have the time to knock it into shape yourself.
  • You’ve commissioned a high-quality brochure to promote your project. You need an experienced proofreader to check it before it goes to press.
  • You need a translator who understands the nuances of German and can strike just the right note in English.
  • You want to produce an English video about your project. Unfortunately your talented team doesn’t include an experienced journalist with a good English broadcast voice.
  • You’d like to provide an engaging audio guide to encourage your English-speaking visitors to discover your museum or exhibition. Does anybody know a native speaker with a clear and pleasant speaking voice?

Sound familiar? Than you should contact me.


As an English native speaker and journalist resident in Germany, I have many years of experience of writing for a wide range of markets and audiences. I combine an excellent command of German with highly developed writing, editing, proofreading and translation skills in my mother tongue.

I deliver English copy that will present your organisation professionally on the international stage. You benefit from clear and elegant text whose natural flow will appeal to native speakers and be easily understood by those for whom English is a second language.

This website gives some information about the services my clients ask for most frequently, but it makes no claim to completeness. You can find further details on the “References” page. If you still cannot find the service you are looking for, please do not hesitate to ask. If I cannot help, I may be able to recommend someone who can.